High Speed Internet FAQs

How do I contact customer support?

Feel free to email us at customerservice@loyaltytel.com or call 1-866-237-6461 with any questions, account or billing enquires or to report a problem.

What is Panorama Resort Wide WiFi?

Panorama WiFi is subscription based Internet service offering superior high speed access throughout the village. A single subscription allows users to access the Internet using any WiFi enabled device from anywhere within the coverage area.

How do you charge for the service?

Short term subscriptions are available for 24 hours, 72 hours, a week or a month. If you are a Panorama Homeowner, annual subscriptions are also available at very competitive rates. Please click here for more information or contact customer support.

How do I sign up for this service?

From our Landing page, click on “Resort Guests and Visitors”. Simply choose the subscription period that best suits your needs, and follow the instructions. If you are staying at the resort, you will need to provide your building and suite number. We will provide you with a username and password to use throughout your stay.

Why do I have to provide my email address to subscribe to the service?

Your email is required to send you confirmation of your order as well as to provide you with a reminder of your login information in the event that you wish to add devices to the network. We do not use your email for marketing purposes. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

I'm trying to create my username....Why isn't the system accepting my Username?

Your Username must be at least five (5) characters and must contain only letters and/or numbers. There can be no symbols or spaces in your Username.

I've forgotten my Password. How do I reset it?

Please contact us at 1-866-237-6461 or by email at customerservice@loyaltytel.com to reset your password.

What is a "wireless enabled" or "Wi-Fi enabled" device?

Wireless or Wi-Fi enabled devices include smart phones, tablets, laptop and notebook computers, Wi-Fi enabled music players such as iPod touch, Wi-Fi enabled tablet readers such as Kindle, and gaming devices with Internet browser capability.

Can I use more than one device on the network?

Yes, once you have your username and password, you can use it to register as many devices as you like. Up to three devices can be used at the same time per account.

Why does "Panorama - Wifi" show up so many times on my list of WiFi networks?

Each of our access points throughout the village and within the various lodges displays as an SSID. They are all connected to the same network. Simply choose the one with the strongest signal to connect to the network.

How do I add my other devices to the Panorama - Wi-Fi network?

Using your wireless device, search for Wi-Fi networks and choose Panorama - Wi-Fi. You will see the network landing page. Simply enter your user name and password into the landing page and click the login button. The next time you access the network with that device, you will be connected automatically, without entering your username and password again.

How many devices can I use with my account at the same time?

You can use as many as three (3) devices concurrently on the Panorama-WiFi Network. If a fourth device is added concurrently, the device that has been inactive the longest will be bumped from the network and will have to re-authenticate the next time they attempt to access the network.

How do I reauthenticate my device?

If your device has been bumped off the network, and you wish to reauthenticate it, simply search for WiFi networks and choose Panorama WiFi. You will see the network landing page. Enter your user name and password into the landing page and click the login button.

How do I log on with my gaming device?

Gaming devices may have browsers that allow the user to input the username and password to connect and authenticate the device on the wireless/Wi-Fi network. If your gaming device does not have this capability, the MAC address can be added to your account by contacting customer service and providing these details.

How fast is my wireless connection using Panorama - Wi-Fi?

The connection speed averages between 10 - 15 Mbps download speed and 1 - 2 Mbps upload speed. These speeds are more than sufficient enough to allow you to stream your favourite movies and TV shows while at the resort!

What kind of coverage does the Panorama - Wi-Fi network offer?

If you are staying at the resort, you will have coverage in your room as well as most common areas of the village. For more details, please contact customer support.

Is the wireless connection filtered?

Panorama - Wi-Fi wireless connection is transparent and not filtered in any way. However, each subscriber is expected to adhere to our Wi-Fi Terms and Conditions.

How secure is the wireless network?

Because wireless networks use radio signals, data traveling through a wireless network can be intercepted. Users should pay attention and encrypt sensitive information (passwords and confidential documentation) when communicating over the wireless network. Panorama - Wi-Fi does not have any virus protection software running on the wireless network. It is the responsibility of the patron to make sure up-to-date anti-virus and anti-malware software is installed on their laptop or wireless device.

Will I lose my connection if I'm moving around the village?

Panorama - Wi-Fi coverage provides a near-seamless experience in the village. You may experience a drop in service while moving between access points. However, the device will automatically connect to the next available Wi-Fi access point and you may not even notice the drop.

Can the weather affect my wireless service at Panorama?

The equipment necessary to provide the network needs to be installed in the open air, so weather can sometimes cause reception problems. However, we have taken every precaution necessary to provide a reliable internet connection at Panorama.

I am having trouble connecting on my laptop. Are there some basic things I can do to get online?

First, try restarting your computer. Rebooting your laptop will often correct connection problems. Be sure your Wi-Fi is turned on. Most computers have a Wi-Fi switch. If your computer does not have a Wi-Fi switch, please go to Internet options on your computer and verify your wireless LAN (WLAN) connection is enabled. If it is not enabled, right click and enable it. If you continue to have trouble, please contact customer support.

What kind of wireless device do I need to use the network?

You need a device with an 802.11B/G/N wireless network card. Most Wi-Fi capable devices have wireless built in so you will want to check with your device manufacturer for your options if your device is not equipped.

Will Panorama - Wi-Fi prevent me from using my device on my company's Wi-Fi network?

No, using the Panorama - Wi-Fi network will not affect the behaviour of your device on a corporate Wi-Fi network.